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Maria Vitagliano, founder of Crosspoint Europe, has set up her own relief organization to offer children, adolescents and families help as a bridge to a better and positive future. Maria Vitagliano and Christina Bigler have worked for decades on behalf of relief organizations, but for many of these relief organizations, many children and their families couldn’t receive a helping hand from them, because it didn’t fit into the defined mission statement of the organization at that time. Thanks to their many years of intercultural experience, personal conversations and local encounters, Maria and Christina, together with local partner organizations in different countries, can provide urgent help and develop the right solutions to children, adolescents, mothers and communities who are in need and tend to be overlooked and underserved.


Yazidi emergency project: sewing machines for protective masks


Support for orphans and severely disabled children in Vietnam and Laos


Support of Yazidi girls, women and their children


Crosspoint Europe
Dr. Grass Street 6
PO Box 1505
FL-9490 Vaduz

Phone +423 230 03 20

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