Southeast Asia

Support for orphans and severely disabled children in Vietnam and Laos

Of the 90 million Vietnamese, around 5 million are disabled. Many of them are children and adolescents. The high number of disabled people has to do with the numerous wars in Vietnam. The use of environmental toxins by the USА during the Vietnam War continues to have harmful effects in large areas of the country. One of the late effects of dioxin use is damage to the genetic material, which leads to significantly higher numbers of miscarriages, stillbirths and birth defects. In Hanoi alone around 50 newborns because of severe disability are placed each year in local maternity homes or children's hospitals. Other newborn babies are often found abandoned in front of a pagoda in the hope that someone will find them and save their lives. Then the children are placed in children's homes, where they have to spend their entire lives.

One of these children's homes is the center of Thuy An, which is constantly overcrowded. It lacks also the necessary funds for support and care of the many disabled children and adolescents who are "handed over" there. The provision of special medical assistance or care, rehabilitation and therapies has been improved over the last 4 years thanks to the following Сrosspoint-measures.

 Sewing machines and fabrics were purchased to sew cloth diapers and at the same time to mend the existing sewing shop and to make easier the tailoring of clothes for children and adults living in the Center. A garden house was built and the necessary gardening equipment for the management of the garden is purchased. This allowed the cultivation of the necessary food for self-reliance. Also, the construction of a pigsty with currently 8 pigs reinforces the self-sufficiency of the center. By participating in various training modules, the nursing staff is better prepared for their difficult challenges. The purchase of wheelchairs and custom-made products for people with abilities and safety installations allow them also to stay outside and give the children a new way of life. Particularly important was the construction of a functioning water supply and a wash house, due to this could be made an important contribution to health and quality of life.

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